The New Educational Media    

Communication Conference (30:00)

In 1965 six leading thinkers in the field of communication engage in a wide-ranging informal dialogue: What is the nature of communication? Is the written message obsolete? Do packaged instructional systems have a negative effect on the teacher? What are the social implications of what they foresaw as a developing worldwide communication network? How do their 20th Century perceptions of the field compare with those in the 21st? The participants:


Edgar Dale, Professor, The Ohio State University

James Finn, Professor, The University of Southern California

George Gerbner, Dean, The Annenberg School of Communication, University of Pennsylvania

Kenneth Norberg, Professor, San Jose State College

Franklin Knower, Professor, The Ohio State University

Charles Hoban, Professor, The Annenberg School of Communication

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Process of Communication    
Perception and Communication    
The Teacher and Technology    
Communication Conference    
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Teaching Machines and Sidney Pressey    
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Teacher-Centered Television    
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