The New Educational Media    

The Information Explosion (34:20)

An outline of the early revolution in communication and the information explosion which paved the way for an electronic information super-highway for government, industry, science, and education. Specific case histories are seen as they existed in the 1960s. The film concludes with a discussion by media pioneers Edgar Dale, Gilbert Seldes, I. Keith Tyler, and Marshall McLuhan about their concerns about the effects of media on teachers, students, and society - concerns even more pressing today. The film is composed of six segments:

  1. Communication Revolution (7:06)
  2. Information Storage, Retrieval, Control (1:16)
  3. Communication in Government (2:03)
  4. Communication in Industry (6:28)
  5. Communication in the Professions (6:21)
  6. Media and Children (11:04)
The Information Explosion    
Process of Communication    
Perception and Communication    
The Teacher and Technology    
Communication Conference    
Music Research    
Teaching Machines and Sidney Pressey    
Airborne Television    
Teacher-Centered Television    
Overview of the Project    
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