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Music Research (1965; 16:55)

Produced for the Music Educator's Conference of the national Education Association, this film documents pioneering experiments testing whether musicality, along with other forms of creative learning, can be programmed. In the Audiovisual Music Laboratory at The Ohio State University students are seen using early models of presentation and feedback technologies such as the Conn Dynalevel, the Conn Strobotuner, and the Tachitron. At the Leslie Ellis Elementary School at Cambridge, Massachusetts, musical behavior is broken into basic component skills taught to learners using Skinnerian techniques of matching, shaping, and fading. B.F. Skinner makes concluding remarks. The participants:


Dr. Charles Spohn, The Ohio State University

Dr. Edward Maltzman, The Leslie Ellis Elementary School, Cambridge, MA

Dr. B.F. Skinner, Harvard University

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