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Teacher and Technology, 7264 State Rt 314, Mt Gilead, OH 43338
FAX 419 362-6446

Qty Description of item Price Ea $US
Complete Series (all ten programs and manual) VHS $369
Information Explosion VHS $ 59
Process of Communication VHS $ 59
Perception and Communication VHS $ 59
The Teacher and Technology VHS $ 59
  Communication Conference VHS $ 59  
  The Communication Revolution VHS $ 59  
  Music Research VHS $ 59  
  Teaching Machines and Sidney Pressey VHS $ 59  
  Airborne Television VHS $ 59  
  Teacher Centered Television VHS $ 59  
  Printed manual (33pp sb) $ 15  

We ship UPS Ground

We accept check or money order (payable to Teacher and Technology), Visa, MasterCard, and Discover or institutional purchase orders.

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