The New Educational Media   Overview

Once in a great while a work is produced that both defines an era and stretches its boundaries. The Communication Galaxy, produced by Dr. Robert W. Wagner in 1964-65, is such a work.

The eight films of the series took an unprecedented look at the cutting-edge communication theoies and new educational media of the time, and presented them with a unique and innovative approach.

The resulting work paints a fascinating picture of a period when the promise of the computer was recognized but not yet realized, and when mechanics was only beginning its transition to electronics.

These films offer us a rare chance to meet the authors of the present world of educational communications: Edgar Dale, George Gerbner, Marshall McLuhan, Kenneth Norberg, Sidney Pressey, Gilbert Seldes, B. F. Skinner, and others. Wagner's series offered itself as a radical experiment. The film segments were designed to be cut and rearranged by end-users for specific educational goals: the films came with a splicing block, tape, and a detailed manual. These films are now available on video tape in their entirety.

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