The New Educational Media    

Process of Communication (45:33)

This film explores the process of communication beginning with an animated theoretical model, followed by sequences which progressively elaborate and illuminate the theory through illustrations drawn from communications networks in military, industrial, research, and teaching settings. It is composed of eight segments:

  1. A Model of Communication (4:05)
  2. Theory of Communication (4:40)
  3. Industrial Model (2:35)
  4. Military Model (4:33)
  5. Education Administration Model (6:46)
  6. Teacher Training Model (6:20)
  7. Computer Models (13:20)
  8. The Teacher as a Model of Communication (3:13)
The Information Explosion    
Process of Communication    
Perception and Communication    
The Teacher and Technology    
Communication Conference    
Music Research    
Teaching Machines and Sidney Pressey    
Airborne Television    
Teacher-Centered Television    
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