The New Educational Media    

The Teacher and Technology (49:10)

A brief history of technology in education is traced in the opening sequences of this film followed by specific case histories which illustrate the state of instructional technology in the 1960s. Pioneers in the field and examples of historically-significant experiments and media usage at the ending of the era of mechanical systems and prototypes of primitive electronic systems are documented. Throughout, the implications for the role of the student, teachers, and school administrator are still relevant. The film ends with a projection of how the school and the teacher of tomorrow might look, providing the opportunity for a critical comparison with the teacher and technology of today. The film is composed of eleven segments:

  1. Learning as Self-Learning (2:28)
  2. The History of Instructional Technology (4:06)
  3. Media and the Military (4:46)
  4. Media and the Humanities (5:05)
  5. Media and the Continuous Progress School (9:23)
  6. The Computerized School (2:56)
  7. Media and the Curriculum (6:36)
  8. Media and the Masses (5:11)
  9. The Instructional Resources Center (1:58)
  10. The School of Tomorrow (3:35)
  11. The Teacher of Tomorrow (3:02)
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The Teacher and Technology    
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